This Lightroom plugin is created to work together with the Crown + Flint app.

Crown + Flint is a app aimed at analog photographers who want to keep better track of their shots, their film, and their equipment. Unlike digital cameras which add tons of metadata to each shot, analog photographers have to rely on taking notes if they want that information. Crown + Flint combines metadata collection.

The Lightroom plugin for MacOSX and Windows uses the ‘Export for ExifTool’ option in C+F and add this meta data in your scanned analog images. This way you can see all of your analog material like camera, lens, aperture, and shutter speed and more directly in Lightroom and afterwards in other software.
No more metadata information from the scanner or our your digital camera !


2024-02-10: Beta version release
2024-02-23: Release version 1.0
– Bug fixing
– User configuration (plugin manager)
– Added create directory (naming convention with camera-filmtype-rollnumber)
– Trial period 30 days
– Instruction video’s
2024-03-02: Release version 1.5 for MacOSX and Windows
— Fully configurable in the Plug-in Manager.


C+F Lightroom plugin Windows v1.5
Version: 1.5
Published: 02/03/2024
C+F Lightroom plugin MacOSX v1.5
Version: 1.5
Published: 02/03/2024

Installing the plugin

Unzip and place the plugin in the folder of your choice.
In Lightroom goto:

  • Plugin Manager
  • Next choose add
  • Browse to where the you have installed the plugin
  • Click on the file and then Add Plug-in

User configuration

The workflow, best practices

Export and save the Export for ExifTool file

First export the data out of the C+F app and save it in the Cloud.

Best practice is to use a folder exclusieve for the export file. The reason for this that the plugin deletes (without asking) all the .jpeg files in this directory !


Scan/Digitize your images as usual, naming convention is not important as the plugin takes care of this.

Edit your images with our without Negative Lab Pro, yes the positive folder is possible

Call the plugin

The plugin will only be available when the images are selected.

The interface

This is the main interface of the plugin

File operations

  • Choose zip file – Here you navigate the the zip file is located, the textbox shows a part of the location.
  • New image filename – Quite important, this is used for renaming your edited images and for 2 .json files that will be stored together with the images.
    One contains the exiftool instructions, and one that holds (if you choose this) your scan and development settings.
  • File extension – Are your edited files in TIF or JPG format
  • Use C+F Exiftool Dir – This creates a subfolder onder the current directory (just like NLP) not required, but can be useful.

Exiftool options

  • Keep original file – If checked, the exiftool wil keep your original file with the extension.original. And add the metadata only to new created files.
  • Merge exif data in original file – Sometimes you have already some exif data in your images, for example NLP writes two strings into your file: film and Negative Lab Pro. If you want to keep this, keep this box checked.

Digitalization and Develoment notes

  • Save Notes – If you check this box, all of the information wil be stored in a json file together with your images.
    Film stock, as you can see this is not available because this is already made available by C+F.
    Remark: At this time it’s technical not possible to write this information into the NLP fields as Adobe Lightroom this forbid.
    But this way you still have and some info about your process even when not using NLP.

Update button

This wil start the whole process, you can follow this in the left upper corner.

That’s it, now you have all information of your analog material in Lightroom and in your image so that this is also visible in other software.

Instruction video’s

Create directory

This is optional, but people who wants to create directories with a fixed naming convention this is a solution.
Camera’s, film brands can be added through the config part in the plugin manager.

Bugs, problems, enhancement ideas

If you encounter problems/bugs, or have enhancement idea that you would like to have please don’t hesitate me to contact me.